Monday, November 16, 2009

I. Am. Back.

Hopefully. It has been exactly a year (and slightly more) since my last post and I am super glad that this blog still generates some hits. I am well satisfied with myself as I know that some of my reviews have helped out the ladies out there. My primary goal when starting this blog was for in-depth review of some of my favourite makeup and what-nots which touches on usability, textures, scents and most importantly, colour.

More often than not, when I search for reviews of a particular product that I am lemming, I'll always get stock images from the respective company. No swatches to show the beautiful shades on skin while overtaxing my imagination on trying to imagine the colours on myself. Sorry sister, that helped me 'zilch-ly'.

However, there are some wonderful blogs out there now that are doing the reviews exactly how I wanted it 2 years back (bear in mind that during that era, makeup blogs have little merit in the blogging world). And I hope to join those ranks again. Check my sidebar for the blogs I religiously follow everyday.

There are many things to relearn: my style of posting, my style of review, how to post images(!!!), HTML tags, but I guess I'll just have to go through all my old posts to do that. Oh, and to get a better camera. iPhone 3G camera sucks big time.

To all the babes who have read me before, I hope you will eventually find your way back to me. And to all the potential new babes, welcome.

Now, please give some applause :)

Current fav brand: Everyday Minerals, you'll see a lot of this in the future postings.
Current obsession: Red lips. I have said before that I hate to review lip products as my lips are ugly. Now I simply don'... erm... won't care.

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