Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty Test: GNC Women's Ultra Nourish-Hair Part 3

That was really a long break. First it was stress (hence blue nails) and then it was the flu (drowsy during the day and night). But I'm feeling better now so hopefully updates will be more regular (but I'm starting work next week?).

This lil test update might have been 2 weeks late but better late than never right? So test result at week 8 is as follows:

Hair: Yup, there are definitely more fuzz at the crown of my hair. It looks irritating as it is short and messy but I guess I should be thankful that new hair is growing out. According to Dar, my hair looks fuller now than before, and I think I have to agree with him. I still have that sparse top which is obvious under direct sun or light but it otherwise looks ok during normal circumstances. Hair length is growing at normal speed, shame to say.

Annoying fuzzy wuzzy

Skin: As usual.

Nails: I am so happy with this result. My nails are stronger than ever and I can tell because only 1 finger splintered in the course of 2 months and it was only 2 times. A total of 2 times in 8 weeks! That's like a major personal record as before, my nails were breaking like nobody's business even in doing little stuff like fighting stubborn zippers.

Eyelashes: They are much fuller than before and definitely longer. I am also trying out Bioglo's Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancer so I hope the double boost will pack a whammer soon!

On a side note, I think my armpit hair is growing twice as fast now. Ew!!!!!

Part 1 with list of ingredients
Part 2 at Week 3


Askmewhats said...

This is a wonderful review, I can really see hairs growing happy it works for you

prettybeautiful said...

hmmm i like the hair growing on head part, but the armpit part is abit turn off. i hope no where else the hair is growing more? =/ btw, i think i will seriously consider this now. prevention is better than cure right?

SlumbeRaja said...

euuww, armpit hair growing twice fast... how bout other hairs, same?

anyone wanna exchange link? slumbeRAJA

Jessie said...

Nikki: Yeah I'm happy too

prettybeautiful: haha... nah, just the places I mentioned. I'm not growing hairy all over btw. I soon to be into my second bottle already.


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