Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beauty Experiment: Remixing Dry Lip Colours

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Don't know if you remembered, but I did mentioned before that the lip colours in Bobbi Brown's palettes are dry and crappy. So I did a little experiment today that thankfully went very well.

Some tools that you will need:
  • Mixing spatulas
  • Metal spoon
  • Favourite (or least favourite) lip balm, mine is from MyLipStuff.com
  • Metal pan or sample jar (my metal pans are from CoastalScents, they come in a palette, as you shall see in the last picture)
  • Lighter or candle

Step 1: Scrap off the lip colour from the palette with a spatula. You can also do it to your lipstick tubes.

Step 2: Deposit all the lip colour onto the metal spoon.

Step 3: Scrap off some lip balm.

Step 4: Deposit the balm onto the metal spoon.

Step 5: Apply heat to the metal spoon using a lighter or candle flame about 3cm away from the bottom of the spoon.

All melted.

Step 6: Pour your concoction onto the metal pan or sample jar immediately.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now my Bobbi Brown lip colours are all soft as butter and they smell slightly like cinnamon. As you can see, I still have so many empty metal pans which I intend to fill up with pressed pigments. So excited! :D


Askmewhats said...

Great idea! I have a lot of lip products that are dry! I just don't know where to find those empty pans!

prettybeautiful said...

eh this is so cool lah!!!! saviour to dry lip color!

beetrice said...

very nice!! :) I gotta try that someday...

Connie said...

Hee. Great tip! I've done this several times with my old lippies.

心。葵 said...

Hi Jessie!

Nice idea! I have some which the colour don't suit me... Gotta try this!


Jessie said...

Nikki: You don't really have to use pans, your pink sample jars will do :) However you can order from Coastal Scents, they have the palette or just empty pans

Pretty Beautiful & Beetrice: It's great fun la. Feels like back in chem lab

Connie: Have you tried mixing colours? :D

Plue: Yup, you can use this method to mix some of your lipsticks. Like mixing a dark shade with a lighter shade to lighten it or vice-versa

Tine said...

This is so interesting! Can't wait to try this out. Project! ;)

Connie said...

Ya. actually I dumped liked 5 different kinds of lip color and lip balms plus some pigments for shimmer :p I still have it but in a jar. My jar was kinda too big so it's not very practical to use since I have to really get my finger in there. It came out a very natural tint though! And minty! (cuz I used some mint lip balms)
I have been experimenting to make chocolate lip gloss with castor oil, etc. etc. but it didn't turn out so well. *shrugs*


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