Saturday, August 23, 2008

Madness: Loreal Luxury Products Division Warehouse Sales

This is the second luxury products warehouse sale of the year organized by Loreal, and I have to say there is definitely a major improvement from the April sales in terms of crowd control. BUT! Some of the price has increased! What is this? If it keeps increasing each sales, in the future it seems we would have to pay full retail price at a warehouse sales!

It started at 10am today, but I have already reached there by 9am for fear of waiting 2, 3 hours under the hot sun like on April. I need not have worried because it seems like there are less people this time around, and they have 4 lines instead of 1, and there is no way that latecomers can cut queue because the space allocated for each queue were just only enough. Each batch is given 30 mins to shop before they shoo you out. I got in at 10am and was out by 10.30. I have to say this was the easiest time I have being in a warehouse sales.

Cashiers were efficient and quick, staff were pleasantly cordial (of course it could be due to the fact that it was still early and so they were still in a good mood), and I didn't even have much trouble at Shu Uemura corner. In fact, I zoomed straightaway to Shu's table as soon as I got in to avoid the crowd that was sure to assemble when the people have figured out where it was (right at the end of the room actually).

Now to the pricing. I browsed through Lancome's stuff and some product prices have went up by RM 5 - 10 while others maintained their prices from previous sales. Shu's went up by a lot. Previously both eyeshadow singles and blush were going for RM 50 for 2 but this time around, it increased to RM60 and RM70 respectively. A bit of a disappointment actually. Most of the blush were matte and since I was collecting NARS, I didn't bother getting it. There were quite a lot of shades for eyeshadow and I even got my eye correcting concealer (been wanting to get this for so long).

Most of the ladies were very polite and did not shove around but due to the fact that the aisles were not very wide, a bit of accidental 'touch touch' is still expected. When I got out at 10.30am, the outside queue was surprisingly still short. It had not even reached the outer limits of the corridor. Has the people come to their senses and decided to tighten their purse strings?

Would I come again next year? If my stocks are low, why not. If you want to save a bit and shave money of the retail price, a warehouse sales is the place to go. Provided if you don't mind waiting in line. And if you check the manufacturing date properly. And if you don't mind being in a crowded place. And waking up early.


prettybeautiful said...

wow! got out by 10.30! thts fast! i guess everyone crowded at the petrol station, thts why no crowd at the sales. hehehe

MisSmall said...

Ooo, you went? Show your purchases to those of us who stayed in bed and missed out on the bargains. :)

Askmewhats said...

wow, we never have any warehouse sale for Loreal (that I heard off) lucky yoU :)

Fashionasia said...

oooh i love warehouse sales...
but i cant go now that im preggie...i m not suppose to go to crowded places.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

eeee i reached there at 7 pm and most of the stuff gone oredi... i only spent RM175, so sadddddd

Jessie said...

pretty beautiful: Hehe! Maybe

MisSmall: Aw, are you any better now? Will post soon, but not much anyway

Nikki: Maybe it is unlucky -_- it always makes us spend sooo much

Fashionasia: How's the mom-to-be coming along? I saw a pregnant lady who came with her husband and 2 kids. Of course it helped that she was a VIP so they got to go in earlier with no crowd whatsoever.

I tried out the purple M&M but I think i prefer the normal ones :) But I like how they use paper packaging instead of plastic.

Cass: Eeyerr.. you should have told me what you wanted and I could have helped. There were some many stuff when I was there (but not sure whether it is what you want la). Did they lower the price when near to closing?


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