Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty Test: GNC Women's Ultra Nourish-Hair Part 2

Today marks the last day of Week 3. Up until now, I have only forgotten to take the pill 2 times (counting this afternoon!) out of 21 days times 2, not a bad record if I do say so. I did not expect much changes to my body after only a few weeks of consumption, indeed reviews said it had taken the ladies months to realize some positive change.

Hair: I don't see any indication of hair growth in terms of new hair growing out. I did notice some short fuzz around the forehead hairline which was not so prominent last time (or are my eyes playing tricks?). It will be much easier to judge hair growth in terms of length now since I'd chopped off a few inches last week. Positive change: My hair sheds less now!!! I no longer sprout gigantic hair balls in the shower! Only mini ones.

Skin: No changes either. However my skin has always been alright without any overt outbreaks.

Nails: Now this is better. I'm experiencing less breakage though not the growth spurt the others are reporting. Previously my nails were very fond of chipping or splintering by themselves.

Eyelashes: I *think* they are a bit longer than they used to be, though still sparse.

Armpit and Leg Hair:You must be groaning now. However, nope! No changes, thank goodness.

My sister checked out a GNC outlet here in Malaysia and found out Ultra Nourish-Hair is not available here, though there is something named Crowning Glory. I do not think they are the same, mainly because hers are green while mine is white. Ingredients list are different too, while only the smell and size is the same (smelly for the former, huge for the latter).

Check back again at Week 6.

Part 1 with list of ingredients
Part 3 (Week 8)


Askmewhats said...

That is a wonderful review! I've seen this at GNC Philippines and I never even gave a thought to try this! thanks for the great in depth review, I will check back after at week 6!

prettybeautiful said...

guess wat? my hair dresser told me that i am balding and i need those hair growth essence! damn damn damn. i am going botak before even reaching 25!!! how can i let it happen??? any recommendations?

Jessie said...

Nikki: You're welcome! I'm excited about Week 6 too haha.

Pretty Beautiful:

Ok, this is my point of view. I have tried Wella System Professional Energy Serum which is a hair tonic that supposedly reduces hair loss and promote growth but honestly speaking, I think it did nothing for me, except gave me a dry scalp. I researched about Yun Nam haircare but people were complaining the company were cheating their money while doing nothing for their problem. This led me to conclude that EXTERNAL help seems to be no help at all. I even tried applying olive oil (extra virgin you know!) to the scalp (they say it promote hair growth) but it was a chore and I was too lazy to do it frequently.

So now I'm fighting it from within, by taking supplements. You can do it like me and take these ready made supplements or try and find out what vitamins and stuff is beneficial for the health of hair and then eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

I'm afraid there is really no short cut way. So try to take care of your hair and scalp by doing less chemical treatments, eat right and oh ya, massage your scalp frequently to increase blood circulation (I heard la (: )!


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