Friday, August 1, 2008

Beauty Test: GNC Women's Ultra Nourish-Hair

My hair has always been fine, limp and wimpy. As a way to introduce volume to her(yeah, I'm a sicko. From here forthwith I shall speak of my hair as a separate and as a singular feminine entity), she and I went through courses of chemical treatment to curl and primp her.

Ok, enough of that.

For the past few months, my hair has been shedding at an alarming rate. Suddenly one day, I woke up and told myself that either I find a way to fix it, or I will have to shave bald to prevent my head from becoming bald naturally first. I have seen ladies with serious hair thinning problems and I seriously do not want to join in that group. Poor me went scouring the webbie looking for cures and preventions and finally settled with fighting the "disease" from within. Some other external cures are definitely hair-raising.

Ultra Nourish-Hair is a daily dietary supplement for nourishing hair. Its star ingredient is actually biotin, part of the vitamin B complex family and is an important component for the growth of hair, skin and nails. I bought this through a middle woman from as she is entitled to 20% off US retail price. I read many positive reviews left by consumers who said that they really saw good results after a few weeks.

Look at those huge buggers. They smell funky too, just like multivits.

Since today marks my first day of consumption, I can't tell you whether it is a good product or not yet. Guess you'll have to check back in a month :) By the way, you have to take this twice a day, preferably after meals.

Supplement Facts

  • Vitamin A - 1000 IU

  • Vitamin C - 60 mg

  • Vitamin E - 30 IU

  • Thiamin(Vitamin B-1) - 1.5 mg

  • Riboflavin(Vitamin B-2) - 1.7 mg

  • Niacin - 20 mg

  • Vitamin B-6 - 4 mg

  • Folic Acid - 200 mcg

  • Vitamin B-12 - 6 mcg

  • Biotin - 1200 mcg

  • Patothenic Acid - 20 mg

  • Iodine - 50 mcg

  • Magnesium - 40 mg

  • Zinc - 30 mg

  • Copper - 2 mg

  • Proprietary Amino Acid Complex - 800 mg

  • Methylsulfonyl-methane - 500 mg

  • Choline - 250 mcg

  • Boron - 3 mg

  • Silica - 1 mg

  • Inositol - 50 mcg

Other ingredients: Cellulose, Titanium dioxide, Vegetable Acetoglycerides, Milk.

P.S. I went through local pharmacies looking for anything that provides a high amount of biotin and unfortunately, there is none. Our only hope is to take vitamin B complex which contains a small amount of biotin among others, or eat more liver, egg yolk, milk, and yeast. I think you can also get GNC here in Malaysia and Singapore though I am not sure where. Readers, if you know where, please leave comments ya?

EDIT: Earlier I asked a Singaporean friend to help me check find this but he told me later that although they do have GNC available, this product is only available in the US. Go figure.

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daphne said...

Yup, GNC is widely available in SG.

prettybeautiful said...

Hmmmmm GNC looks so familiar, did i see them in shopping malls here? please review the results too. the top of my hair is thinning too :( too much chemicals i guess.


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