Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beauty Loves & Swatch: Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette

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Ah well, thought I'll just go on with the roll. This is from the Spring 2007 collection I believe.

L-R Golden Beige Shimmer Lip Gloss, Pink Lily Lip Gloss, Golden Violet Shimmer Lip Gloss. Ivory, Orchid Shimmer, Mahagony shadows. Baby Violet blush.

I like the blush and the lip glosses in this palette, however the Orchid Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow is a little too cool and pale for me while Ivory is chalky.

Both Golden Beige and Golden Violet lip gloss has gold shimmers in it, as well as the Orchid eyeshadow. Baby Violet blush looks more violet-y in real life, though it look like a pink in the image. I really prefer lip glosses in palettes, because honestly, the lip colours in most BB palette are sooooooo dry.


After. Used all shadows, blush and Golden Beige Lip Gloss


I added in Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in the last picture in the crease, it's a really 'popping' colour (I almost typed 'pooping').

Ahhhh! I hate my eye shape! Always can't see any colour no matter what I put on.

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

For a more in-depth review
Bobbi Brown Pink Face Palette


Tine said...

Tee hee, I laughed out loud when I saw your BEFORE picture :p

I think the blush is gorgeous on you btw :)

MisSmall said...

Agreed. The blush showed up really well. :)

Askmewhats said...

The blush looks so pretty!

Jessie said...

Everyone: Yeah, I wouldn't buy a violet blush if it wasn't in the palette, so you can say I was surprised that it turned out well.

Tine: Tee hee!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

actually what do ppl mean when they say popping or pop? I see it everywhere but dont get it

Jessie said...

Cass: Not sure if it means the same thing to others, but to me a 'popping' eyeshadow is something bright and neon-y, something that makes u go 'wow!' and something that when applied, brightens up the eye area.

I would say the upcoming MAC cult of cherry's Tempting quad's Sharp shade is a 'popping' shade too, cause its a neon-y chartreuse that is sooo gorgeous. Guess you know what I'm getting now huh :D


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