Friday, August 15, 2008

Beauty Loves & Swatch: Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

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I finished my internship a couple of weeks back so I haven't been putting on makeup or testing anything. Somehow it feels g-r-e-a-t lazing around the house doing nothing, but I know I can't keep on like this. Promise. Besides, I need more money to buy new stuff!

L-R Navajo, Vintage, Chocolate Mauve shadows. Mauve blush. Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Colour, Mauve Lip Sheer, Vintage Lip Colour

So I tested out my Mauve palette today and seriously, IT IS GORGEOUS. The colours are nice and warm and I believe it should suit most people. To me, it is the new nude but with a little more edge and flavour. I think it is a great colour for fall (if like, we HAVE a fall) as the colours bring into mind browning leaves and hot chocolate for cold weather.


After. Used all shadows, blush and Vintage lip colour

More :)

It is suitable for day as it is, and for night, just add a thicker liner, dash on another shimmering light shadow in the middle of the eyeball and/or smoke it up at the outer edges.

Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette

For a more in-depth review
Bobbi Brown Pink Face Palette


prettybeautiful said...

love the color combination, gave your eyes a deep-set look. suitable for fri nite out eh :p

Ria said...

Finally, a picture of an Asian wearing the Mauve palette... Looks good on you! Can't wait to get my hands on this one, but looks like I have to order online - they don't have it on our shores yet.

- BB fan from Philippines

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

love the last pic. Sexay!!!

Jessie said...

ria: Glad I could help!

prettybeautiful: yeah! Very versatile this one.

Cass: Aww thanks!


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