Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beauty Likes and Swatch: ELF Candy Shop Lip Tins

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By now some of you should know that I really dislike my lips, because I think they are lopsided and uninviting. But somehow or another, this did not seem to have cure me of that insatiable desire to buy lipsticks or lip glosses, as long as their shade is pretty.

However, the reason I got these was because their tin containers are so cute! Just look at that vintage packaging, with the sliding tin covers and cute printing. And it didn't help that the container is surprisingly big (which equals more product, yeah!) for the price you pay for it.

Cherry Bomb on left, Frosting Fanatic on right

Colour-wise, the gloss is only sheerly pigmented. Though they look gorgeously pigmented in the tins, you'll only get a slight wash of colours on the lips. Good for everyday use, but not making any statement by themselves. The two shades I got is Frosting Fanatic and Cherry Bomb. FF is a light peach/tan/nude with soft gold shimmers while Cherry Bomb is a solid strawberry red shade.

Texture-wise, the glosses are rather sticky. I used a lip brush to apply the gloss but I think half the fun of using these fellows is that you can use your fingers to swirl around and then apply. But as with any other glosses and balms, a windy day will give you a headache and a lipful of stuck hair.

Frosting Fanatic

Scent-wise, I think ELF really do need to update their web-site. Cherry Bomb is supposed to smell like cherry but all I detect is strong coffee and chocolate (mocha?). Frosting Fanatic smells like caramel and coconut. Both of them taste slightly sweet so if you hate sweet fragrance and taste, these are definitely not your thang.

The tins came sealed in plastic but I think during the transition, the heat must have caused a tiny amount of gloss to melt and escape the from tins. When I unsealed it, the whole tin felt sticky and I had to wipe them down. This raises the question on whether they are actually travel friendly. Imagine them melting in your bag and dripping down the seams :)

Cherry Bomb

All in all, they aren't fantastic, just merely good. However with that price tag, it is surely something that you just have to try out and then only decide whether to trash it and say goodbye. For me, these two are enough for a lifetime.

Price: USD 1.00
Net Weight: 0.39 oz / 11 g
Suitable for: Everyone
Dependency: Fingers pr Brush
Available at: ELF site
Would I buy this again: ENOUGH, AGAIN


oOFooi said...

That is nice.. :)

I could see the differences.. :)

prettybeautiful said...

i saw something similar in Guardian at RM4.90. Tempted to try but I know I wouldn't use it for long. haha

MisSmall said...

At first glance, I thought they were ketchups. :P

Yeah, the colour didn't show much. Maybe use them with lipsticks to add extra colours? :)

Connie said...

Pretty: I was tempted to buy the Guardian one... they're by Markwins as well but they smelled awful! Which was why I went for the lip gloss tubes instead.

Tine said...

Eeeps so cute!

Askmewhats said...

I love Cherry Bomb on ya!

~PiyoMaro~ said...

hey Jess..
how big is the size of the tin?
the cherry bomb shade looks pretty =)
perhaps i'll take the Cherry Bomb too

Jessie said...

PiyoMaro: The size of the tin is 6 x 3.5 cm and the height is 1 cm. Net weight 11 gram and seriously, get it, its really quite worth it for $1

MisSmall: For Cherry Bomb, it is sufficient by itself. It stains your lips to a gorgeous red, like you've just eaten cherries! I use this for night outs!

Prettybeautiful & connie: perhaps you should try these. They smell quite ok and their cheap :)

Tine: Yeah yeah! Super cute right? Like candy tins

Nikki: Like I commented above, Cherry Bomb is a marvelous choice :)

~PiyoMaro~ said...

Helow Jess, I got my cherry bomb package few days ago, and yeah..it smells more coffee or biscuit than a cherry scent ^^;
The scent is too strong for me and it makes me a bit dizzy.
I think I'd go back to my The Body Shop lip balm =(

Lydia said...

Oh no that sucks that the cherry one smells like coffee! OMG These are
to cute though!


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