Saturday, July 19, 2008

Madness: Estee Lauder Sales

Today is a beautiful Saturday and instead of sleeping in like any sane woman, I woke up at 5.30 and got ready to go to war. Thanks to Beetrice (Again!), I'd gotten an invitation pass for today's Estee Lauder Staff Sale!

I reached Renaissance Hotel KL at 7.30 am but the line was already stretching over to the next room. However to me, it is still not as mad as the previous Loreal Luxury Warehouse Sales, whereby the people had to line up till the streets and endured the hot sun. Kudos to the EL staff for keeping the crowd under control.

I got in after half an hour and began my almost 2 hours of exercising. Bobbi Brown was sold out by 8.00 am! MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique makeup was in abundance, Origins seems to be selling a lot of stuff in cofret sets, DKNY perfumes (Be Delicious!) was way cheaper than retail. There were so many people pushing in and out that I did not get to walk around the whole place to scout out some stuff.

I only got a modest little haul of MAC and Bobbi Brown stuff. I was not really into Estee Lauder and Clinique makeup, and their skincare range was swept up earlier on. Neither was I looking for perfumes, and the Origins skincare line I wanted was not on sale. My pride and joys is the Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette (pictured below) and the MAC pigments (pictured above). I literally had to fight for the palette (lucky I smiled at the SA and I think she pitied me) because ladies were going wild and crazy because there were so little BB items on sale.

Warehouse sales are the best place to practice your social skills. Couldn't find the stuff you want? Hang out at the empty tables and chat up your neighbours. This is the place where the ladies will sort through their items and put out those they do not want. If you're patient enough, you will be able to spot some gems in between the thorns. And that was how I got those 4 pigments :)

Would I do it again? Yes of course. I love Bobbi Brown and this is the only time I will buy MAC. Not to mention I saved lots, and all it took was a little effort.


Connie said...

Hey! I think I'm pretty sure that I saw you at the sale. I was too shy to say "hi" out of fear of getting it wrong. Lol. Blue sleveless top, tall with a tattoo?

Connie said...

Btw,what color pigments did you manage to snag? I got 4 of em too.Wanna trade some? It'd take me forever to finish an entire jar!

Jessie said...

hehehe! yup that's me. i *think* i did saw u too, but cause u just pass by me for awhile i didn't get to see properly but i remember thinking i recognize ur face :)

i've got provence, sweet sienna, off the radar and goldstroke. also another fairy lite from last time. was thinking of maybe selling samples of it or press it into pans and selling it

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

sighs. i was in penang.

Miu said...

wah tatoo?

should scare off some ppl who try to cut ur line yah?!

i see u manage to get bobby brown goodies! i came at 7.30am too but after kena cut line so many times.. i ended up goin in after 1 hour of Q-ing. it's just too crowded sigh..

congrats on ur social skills.. must learn a thing or 2 from u. I seem to hear a lot of McBreakfast talk while Q-ing, next time I buy McBreakfast n wait at the empty table..for victims to come HAHHAA.

Tine said...

Sigh even if I was back in M'sia, I'd still miss it. Still, great haul though :)

beetrice said...

You're most welcome may, you spent 2 hours in there? I was out by 8.45am, and the queue was already out the main hotel entrance! :D lucky we went there early!

Connie said...

Lol. I hope I didn't look too Ah Soh trying to grab everything. Haha. I was going around helping my colleagues to put back rejected items while rummaging through the stuff to see if there's anything I'd like..

ooh yay! I got all different colors from yours. Dark Soul, Revved-up, Reflects Pearl and Reflects Blackened Read. I would love to trade with you for Provence, Fairylite, Sweet Sienna and Off The Radar.

Jessie said...

paint me gorgeous: Never you mind dear, there's always other sales. Oh ya, Shu Uemura sales is this week at uptown!

miu: I guess I was lucky, the line move surprisingly fast so in no time I was already within the partitioned area, harder for people to cut in. Ya a lot of people bought McD, but its a shame they just threw their rubbish on the floor

Tine: Ah, but you have great warehouse/factory sales in Melb! At least don't have to fight with the crazy crowd

Beetrice: Hehe most of the 2 hours was because I was waiting for Bobbi Brown! Lucky I did not give up because I scored the Violet Face Paletter! Was looking at Miu's post and omg, the line went out to the street! Lucky we went early!

connie: No problem. Check your hotmail :)

Connie said...

I've replied using my gmail ;)

prettybeautiful said...

wow so many nice stuff! too bad i missed it...i was in PD and thinking about all the bargain stuff...


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