Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beauty Swatch: NARS blush

This is just a small update of colour swatches of NARS blush, because kind Beetrice became early Santarina and brought back 2 of them for me from good ole London. I am ecstatic that my NARS blush collection is slowly growing and whetting my insanely illogical appetite.

*crazy grin*

Currently in hand is Orgasm, Angelika, Sin and Outlaw. Click on images to enlarge for a clearer view. I have written a general review for NARS blushes earlier on.


Orgasm actually looks peachier than from the picture. I took many attempts but all of them look pinkish so I gave up. Orgasm has fine gold shimmers and goes on peach on me. It is actually a little anti-climax for me because I find Orgasm go on very sheerly compared to the others.


Angelika is a cool pink that is actually matte(the base) with large silver glitters. It is also, in my opinion, loosely pressed onto the pan. You have to be really careful with this one as I think this one will shattered easily if handled roughly. Even the simple act of storing and retrieving will generate a shower of loosen powders.



Top with flash, bottom without.
L-R Orgasm, Angelika, Sin, Outlaw


Tine said...

The Outlaw's gorgeous on you! I'm so going to check it out :)

Chian Li said...

i think all 4 looks good on you, you're so fair!

Orgasm looks so natural! love it!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

eh... im wondering right.. how did u try on so many colours at the same time?

u tissue them off then reapply ah? so rajin!!!

prettybeautiful said...

i love the Sin. looks so nice! wow u bought so many, must have cost u a bomb eh :P

Connie said...

orgasm and outlaw looks awesome!SOMEDAY, I shall get my hands on one of em. Someday

Jessie said...

Tine: Glad my swatch could tem... I mean, help you :)

Chian Li: Hehe, thanks :)

paint me gorgeous: Yala, I put it on then wipe it off. The reason I started this blog was because I wanna let people find the swatches of products on actual skin because that's what I want but somehow very hard to find :(

prettybeautiful: Hmm.. 1 cost an average of rm100 -_-

connie: They are tempting aren't they :)


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