Monday, June 30, 2008

Question: Could anyone recommend a rose perfume?

New fangle angle. This is a something new whereby I hope to see many readers participate in, both to answer my question and also maybe someone else's. If you as a reader hope to see an answer too, please welcome anyone you know to come and comment too.

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I just got a new perfume over the weekend (Christian Dior J'adore, my birthday present) and suddenly, it seems like I am in a perfume trance/craze. It did not help that my Bath and Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom Body Lotion smells amazing and roselike.
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It suddenly hit me that I love rose very much, although it sounds a bit old fashion.

So one fine Sunday afternoon, I went on a search-and-detect mode to find samples/vials of any perfume that contains rose at its top or middle notes. Those worthy of mention are Stella McCartney Stella, Bvlgari Rose Essentialle, Theirry Mugler La Rose Angel, Creed Private Collection Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare (Bulgarian Rose!) and some others that I can't recall now.

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Theirry Mugler La Rose Angel. Courtesy of

Creed Private Collection Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare. Courtesy of

So, ladies out there, if you own any of those mentioned above, or maybe something else that ain't on that list, please tell me how they really smell like and whether they are buy worthy. For someone as perfume-illiterate as I, the only thing I know about rose scent is that the Bulgarian Rose produces the highest quality scent of all.

Of course I would prefer something that is in the niche market (highly unlikely to be available in good ole Malaysia), but a commercial one would be ok too. I feel the urge to soon pretend I am a high class socialite from the 18th century drinking tea and eating scones in a rose garden. Like, really soon. It would also be absolutely amazing if you have samples that you can sell to me cheaply!

Awaiting patiently,

Later in the evening...

I have to say, my nose truly amazes me. Below are a list of perfumes I have used or is currently using and their notes.

DKNY Be Delicious EDP
American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber.

Dior J'adore EDP
Mandarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.

Tommy Hillfiger Tommy Girl Cologne
Camellia Flowers, Blackcurrant Flowers, Mandarin and Tangerine, Cherokee Rose, Desert Jasmine, Butterfly Violets.

Estée Lauder Pleasures Intense EDP
Luminous Green Lily, Le Charme Peony, Velvety Moroccan Rose, silky Pink Tiger Lily, Jasmine, Maple Wood and Benzoin crystals with a spicy touch of Vanilla

Okay, okay. Maybe some of them are a little more far-fetched. And my favourite L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme EDT does not have rose at all, so sue me.


prettybeautiful said...

i have never use anything rosy before, but floral fragrance yes, i quite like the kenzo flower, estee pleasures and beyond paradise. i have a damn nice rosy mist tho >>

daphne said...

Paul & Joe has one that smells insanely like you're in a rose garden!

Jessie said...

daphne: thanks for the heads up! Will check it out, though it's a shame that they only have edt


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