Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beauty Loves: Exclusive Treasures

I do not have the mood to review anything this weekend as I have a major interview tomorrow afternoon which is worrying me endless now. I have never been interviewed formally before (and at such a big company too) so you could say I'm shaking, I'm shaking.

Today is just a little sneak preview of what I have gotten my cousin brother to bring back from the US. After the currency conversion, I have to say that my buys surprisingly cost the same as Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura, though they are rare as hell here in Malaysia.

So, Malaysian girls, you can start drooling. As for the rest of you ladies out there, be happy that you have Sephora at your place.

I wonder what's inside?

I shall treasure the paper bag forever, or at least until I get the next bag with new purchases.

The Unveiling

Really sorry about the shaky photo. I only noticed it after I have uploaded the photo from my phone and was too lazy to unpack everything again.

Clockwise starting from far left: Urban Decay De-Slick Mattfying Powder, NARS Blush in Sin, NARS blush in Outlaw.

NARS blush in Orgasm was out of stock and that made me pretty sad. Fortunately my sister will be going to Shanghai and they have Sephora there! Can anyone tell me how much they cost in Ren Men Bi?


Tine said...

O.M.G. That's so cool! I'm so bloody tempted now :(

prettybeautiful said...

WAH jeles to the max!!!!

dawn. said...

hey!! first time commenting on this blog ^^
Just a quick question, how is it possible to ship sephora items to malaysia?? I'm in Melbourne >< Is it possible??

dawn. said...

ohohoh.. sorry! LOL. I didn't read ur post properly ><''
Well yeah, I get it now ^^ U dun have to reply the comment above ^^

zeren said...

nice nice.. i do envy ppl who lives in states.. which sephora shops are all over the country.. really wish sephora will open in malaysia.. :)

Jessie said...

tine: at least u have NARS in aussie :)

prettybeautiful: heh heh heh, i love them to the max too!

dawn: so sorry I couldn't reply you earlier, but yeah, mine is from the US and was brought back. However, if you want NARS, I'm sure it is available in aussie too?

zeren: that is my most fervent wish too. However, if they do open here, I am also sure that their price tags will be marked up really, really high :(


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