Friday, January 18, 2008

Beauty Loves: Signature Minerals Mineral Foundation

I love browsing around forum because sometimes, you are able to find gems (of the cosmetic type-la) that are new and cheap. So one fine day, I accidentally stumbled upon a thread that is selling Signature Minerals starter kits under her own e-shop at Simply Naturale.

Her starter kits contains 2 foundation samples, 1 loose powder, 1 concealer, and a blusher. It is designed to last you about a month of everyday usage, good to test out whether it suits your skin and preference. Once I started using it, I immediately fell in love with mineral makeups.

Mineral foundations usually comes in fine powders that are designed to be used with a kabuki, or a normal face brush if you do not deem it necessary to get a kabuki. However some people thinks that using a kabuki to "buff" in the powder onto your skin will result in a much more natural and even look. Me, I just love the look of my kabuki (from Lumiere, me wanna try theirs next).

Texture of SM's foundation is nice and smooth, very easy to buff on and will not result in a flaky or patchy face. I find it helps more if I apply a layer of makeup base first to let the powder adhere on to something. You can also use sunblock, moisturizer or maybe even a facial mist. There are absolutely no smell at all, with no fragrance added. You can adjust whether you want a sheer look by applying only a little or a heavier look by applying 2 or 3 layers. Made a mistake? Just use your brush and make small circles to spread out the powder.

Just a small layer of foundation and already my left side's colour looks more even toned than my right side. You can also note the difference of my under eye circles with the right eye's being more prominent (I did not use concealer). Again with my super tolerant skin, no breakouts or sensitivity reaction occurred, however I read somewhere that mineral makeups are great for those with sensitive skin as they contain minerals only.

Nowadays, I'll just pass over my Revlon foundation because I find this mineral foundation super easy to apply. It gives me nice coverage without the extra weight of a liquid foundation. The only bad thing about it is that choosing the right shade for you is a pain in the ass process. You gotta agonize over the different choices available on the site and determine whether you are cool, neutral or warm and light, medium, or dark.

Try out a starter kit today!

*Edited at 8:31 pm, totally forgot about it

Price: RM 28.90 / RM 43.90
Net Weight: 10g / 30g
Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, zinc oxide (may contain ultramarines)
Suitable for: Beginners and UP
Dependency: Kabuki, Face Brush
Available at: Simply Naturale(Local Malaysian. Some are available stock, some are pre-order)
Would I buy this again: YES


jelly said...

cool recommendation. I am at their website now browsing :p seems really affordable

ParisB said...

Ah I might give this one a shot :) The good thing is that tis local and affordable. I've been waiting for my Lumiere order for a month now :P

Fashionasia said...

ahh cool...i feel like trying this after reading this thread. :)
my revlon colourstay is running low and im scouting for a good foundation :)

Jessie said...

jelly: try it out! much cheaper than bare escentuals at shins :(

parisb: how's lumiere? thinking of trying it

fashionasia: i'm using revlon colourstay too. always come back for mineral foundation as it is less messy :)

Anonymous said...

covers well, is very affordable, however I did notice my skin got a little itchy, irritated while using it. also didn't like the smell of the foundation. blush, finishing veil, liners and shadows are very nice. i need a different foundation myself. good luck for anyone who tries it though!

Sukkimi said...

Can i know which brush are u using for buffing your mineral foundation?

I've ordered direct from the SM website. Lumiere and EDM. I would say SM has the most natural coverage.
I even found my perfect match 2.3! Yippie


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