Friday, December 7, 2007

Beauty Loves: Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 15

Now I have absolutely no idea what SoftFlex is, and when you take the words apart, it would literally means something along the line of "softly flexing(your face muscle"? But it is the product that counts, and we are not very particular when it comes to naming, so rest assured that this is quite a good product for its pricing.

There are 2 different formula for this foundation, one catering for Normal/Dry Skin(red cap) and another for Combination/Oily Skin(black cap). Personally I have tried the one for combination skin first and I did not like it one bit. But first, let me get on with the praises.

(Bare face again.)

Although this current bottle says it is for normal or dry skin, yours truly who has an oily T-zone but otherwise normal skin everywhere else finds that this formula works best on her face. Texture wise, it has a moderately thick and smooth consistency which feels really lightweight on your skin. Application is easy because of its smooth texture and it won't flake or result in uneven patches. It evens out your skin tone and also leaves your face matte, unless you have an overenthusiastic oil factory on your nose like me. It mentions that it won't rub off with normal activity, but I find that all brands lie.

It has a slight fragrance which can get considerably stronger the longer it stands on your dressing table, ultimately resulting in an odour that warns you to chuck it out pronto. Also, I have had difficulty choosing a shade that matches my face colour completely. I was lucky that it only took 2 tries for me to get the current one that blends seamlessly into my face.

(After a round of foundation, concealer and a dusting of loose powder.)

The reason I prefer this than the one for combination skin(CS) is because I find that CS does not really help control oil production. It also has a thicker texture, making me feel like I'd just slather on cement onto my skin. Top that up with loose powder and I feel like I'd just grown an extra layer of facial skin.

Pricing wise, it is almost 50% off the price of those counter brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC or Clinique and even more percentage slashed off from Giorgio Armani or Dior. What's not to love in a cheap and good foundation?

Price: ~ RM 54.90
Net Weight: 30 ml
Suitable for: Normal/Dry Skin
Dependency: Fingers, Sponge, Foundation Brush
Available at: Pharmacies
Would I buy this again: MAYBE(makeup hoarder usually wants more makeup from all brands)

Tip #1
Bought the wrong shade? Don't throw them away. Get another bottle with lighter/darker shade and mix them together to get your correct colour.

Tip #2
Contrary to popular steps, I prefer foundation -> concealer -> loose powder rather than concealer -> foundation -> loose powder.

Tip #3
Don't just rely on the SPF from your foundation, get a sunblock!


Fashionasia said...

oh i love revlon colorstay!!...been using them since ages..totally flawless...but they do cost much cheaper those 40-ish..or was it 30-ish...

Jessie said...

i got this bottle during their warehouse sale. i have to say i was lucky as this colour suits me more. what to do, cheapskate mah have to buy during sales haha

Cassandra L said...

hi :)

i prefer using concealer after foundation too. then u know where are the areas that u need to conceal :)


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