Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beauty Loves: Her New Coach Signature Beaded Wristlet

I need to lock up my money in a vault and throw away the keys, or appoint a treasurer with strict orders for her to not give me any money, not even petty cash. This is because at the rate I am going, I will be penniless by the time I am, oh, say 22? Which is next year.

I had been searching high and low for a nice dinner/evening bag ever since I could remember. However all I could find were beaded or sequined monstrosities which I would not be caught dead with. Some which were alright looking were only suitable for really distinguished occasions(dinner) and not suitable for casual use(clubbing). And then my eyes settled on this baby.

Believe me, it took many agonizing weeks for me to decide to get it, mostly because of it's price tag. The reason that cinch the deal was because it looks so pretty and it suited my taste and requirements.

It is made of specially treated fabric that resist water and dirt, though I do not have the heart to test it out. There are 5 rows of hand-strung beads that adds an elegant and extravagant touch to the otherwise plain Signature C motif. It measures approximately 7 by 4 inches (most of Coach's wristlet have similar sizes) and can house your cell phone and assorted cards and cash comfortably.

Also, it hangs pretty nicely on your wrist(hence, wristlet) and won't give you any white hair while straining your brain to figure out where to safely stash your belongings when you are clubbing.

If you do not like fabric, you can always get one made entirely out of leather. Or if you do not want to appear ostentatious, you can always opt for one that does not have the Signature C monogram. In fact, Coach has soooo many pretty designs and if I had extra moolah, I don't mind getting another one, or two, or many.

I got this baby through a forum from a very nice seller. She has many limited edition designs, mostly ready stocks or you could prevail her to help you order from US, which is much cheaper than buying from Coach retailer here in Malaysia. Click here to go to her assorted threads for Coach, XOXO, Guess bags and stuff(look for [WTS] tags). However if you are those suspicious souls, you can always opt for Coach KLCC.

Needless to say, my new love of my life is my new Coach, for now.

Price: RM 200+ to 300+ for wristlets
Suitable for: Dinner, Clubbing, Casual
Available at: Coach retailers
Would I buy this again: YES(though why I would need more than one is even beyond my scope of understanding)


Tine said...

Oooh nice one, Jessie! I'm seriously contemplating on getting mine too :P

Gah, someone lock my money away!

Jessie said...

ah why don't I keep it safe for you?


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