Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beauty Loves: Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Deluxe Mini Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Been waiting for some time for this little baby, even went as far as to call up BB to book a set. Bloody useless I tell you. Why on earth do you want my name and number if you do not call me when the set is launched?

This sinfully pink box set includes 8 mini essential brushes that is great for anyone who has just started using cosmetics. Some may argue that there are too many for beginners but I say it is never too early to buy what you need later on. Brushes includes:

Concealer, Foundation, Face Blender, Eye Brow, Cream Shadow, Eye Shadow, Ultra Fine Eyeliner and Lip

(Notice I only got 5. I gave 3 to my sister in exchange for RM 100. Hah!)

All of them fits into the organizer that comes with the set, with a little more space for any other brushes or tools. I could even stuff 2 of my short handled brush and some other MAC brushes into it easily.

I have no idea whether these brushes are machine or hand made, however I do know that the quality of these do not lose to the full size short handled fellas. The handles may be smaller but the brush head (size and diameter) is exactly the same. (Some of you may know that several customers have complained that MAC's Special Edition brushes are way below par when compared to the full sized ones. No worries here.) Organizer is made of soft faux leather with a sturdy zipper and has a pink pearl sheen.

Truthfully, I label this post as a Splurge because I already have most of the brushes I need. However I had successfully persuaded myself why the buying of this mini brushes is justified.

1. Mini brushes are easier to travel.

2. Mini brushes have shorter handle, so I won't poke the mirror and get sued for harassment.

3. I needed the face blender brush and the lip brush.

4. It is pink.

There you have it. 4 purrr-fectly good reasons. I love Bobbi Brown, Please adopt me.

Price: RM 350.00
Contents: 8 Brush and 1 Organizer
Suitable for: Beginners and UP
Dependency: None
Available at: Bobbi Brown stand alone of counters

Tip #1
Run fast fast to the nearest BB. When they say limited (especially this set, girls love it), it soon becomes extinct.

Tip #2
Have more money to splurge? Invest in the RM 550 Pink Quartz Deluxe Short Brush Set with 7 full sized brush. Includes Concealer, Foundation, Eye Shader, Eye Shadow, Ultra Fine Eye Liner, Eye Brow, Face Blender and Organizer

Tip #3
Even more money? Get the RM 950 Luxury Brush Set. Includes Concealer, Foundation, Eye Shader, Eye Shadow, Cream Shadow, Ultra Fine Eye Liner, Eye Brow, Face Blender, Bronzer, Blush, Tweezers and Organizer


Cassandra L said...

ouch. v. pricey, but 8 BOBBI BROWN brushes for RM 330 is justifiable, i think... :)

but sometimes i wonder whats the difference between these brushes and those sold in beauty shops. marketing cost?

Jessie said...

brand name -_-"

just like nike, rm500++++ for a sports shoe?

my first eyeshadow brush was from the pharmacy brand manicare. i still keep it stashed around somewhere, as it is cheap and useful

however brand name does not guarantee quality. BB's face brush(the one that looks like a kabuki) is scratchy and uncomfortable to me. In contrast my Lumiere kabuki is way cheaper and feels so soft (a little like TBS brushes)


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