Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beauty Loves(Moderately): Biotherm Aquasource Superserum

How super it is, well, I guess it definitely depends on your skin. I just find it... blah.

On the Singapore website, it is marketed as a complementary treatment. If you look carefully, the Biosource range does not seems to have a night cream. Granted, the Aquasource can be used for day and night, I think I can safely assume that this not-so-superserum is suppose to be used at night.

Does it lives up to its name? Is it super concentrated? Is it intensely moisturizing? It was rather a letdown for me.

Texture wise, it is neither creamy or gel-like, seems to be something in between.I give it credit however, since it is absorbed into your skin mighty quickly and does not leave any residue or oily uncomfortableness. It's fragrance is just the same as the Non-Stop gel, which I love to bits. It even has a gorgeous pink sheen on its bottle, which always mesmerizes me when I gaze down on it on a sunny day. Unfortunately all these quality points do not seem to make up for this product's most obvious flaw; it does not seem to do anything for my face.

(I have a runny nose and this ran down my nose)

I did not notice any major difference after I started using this, and I am sure nothing major will happen if I stop. I can testify it because I tried not using it for a few days and my face just smile benignly back at me when I scrutinize it in the mirror.

One other funny thing. Since I assume this is the night cream, a hypothesis reinforced by Strawberrynet, I use this exclusively in the day before my Lancome whitening moisturizer while I use the other day cream for my night cream. Don't think this is the reason it doesn't work for me, does it?

All in all, for me it wasn't worth getting it.

Price: RM 170
Net Weight: 30 ml
Suitable for: Normal and Combination skin
Dependency: None
Available at: Biotherm counters
Would I buy this again: NO

Important tip #
Your neck! Your neck! Don't forget your neck!

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