Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beauty Loves: Shu Uemura Fake Eyelashes 01

Let me criticize myself first and foremost.

I have small, single lidded (uncreased) Chinese eyes, courtesy of my mother. I have thick eyelids with loads of fat in between the epidermis and whatever-dermis, until even my favourite master stylist suggest I should opt for eyelid surgery(no idea whether he was joking or not, he likes to poke fun of me every time I go there). I have uneven eyelashes, short and sparse on the right side, and longer and curlier on the left.

In short, I can't electrocute you with my original eyes alone.

Other than makeup, one of the sexiest elements of the eyes are gorgeous, curly, full eyelashes. Girls with stubs for lashes, do not despair. Mr Shu Uemura has heard our prayers.

This is my third pair of lashes, but I nodded my head when Selina from Shu Uemura Sunway Pyramid asked me if this was the first. Well, it's partly true because this is my first true pair of expensive lashes, other than those from Sasa. For those of you who are new to these fakies, I suggest you get this same one because it is the most natural looking one for day use.

The lashes are spread evenly on the lash bone, with strands getting longer towards the middle. It is not as dramatic as the criss-crossed ones, nor as fake as those coloured, be it brown or purple. After you have glued it on, it doesn't really feel uncomfortable, and I love the extra oomph it provides.

Not too sure of the life expectancy, just started using this pair today. Selina was kind enough to help me trim it to the proper length and to glue it on for me at the shop. Thanks woman *hug* Please ask for her if you drop by SU in Pyramid, she is a helpful and deliciously cheerful girl with gorgeous eyelash-ed eyes.

(Love this pic to bits, what with the angel lighting and blur focus. I swear I just added text in Photoshop)

Is it a great buy? Definitely, and I shall add more to my collection in the near future. Go get yours now.

Price: RM 35/38 (not too sure)
Net Weight: -
Suitable for: Moderate users and UP
Dependency: Eyelash glue
Available at: Shu Uemura counters
Would I buy this again: YES YES

Tip #1
Ask the MUA to trim the length for you, do not attempt it yourself. There's no warranty if you trimmed off too much. Don't worry, they're not like MAC's MUAs

Tip #2
Get a black coloured eyelash glue from Sasa if you use black eyeliner or a transparent one like Eye Putti. Shu Uemura's glue dries to a white finish which has to be coated with eyeliner again.

Tip #3
Practice Practice Practice! Don't attempt for the first time 2 hours before your major dinner/date. You'll cry in frustration 10 minutes in.

Tip #4
Curl your real lashes first before sticking it in unless you want to go for a 2-pronged-lashes look.

Tip #5
Forget about mascara!


prettybeautiful said...

looks pretty indeed. i never tried on fake lashes before, please tell me its life span after its stuck to your lids :D

Cassandra L said...

Jess, I think you should try to wing out your eyelining.... try then post it, okay?

Jessie said...

prettybeautiful: you just gotta be careful when you peel off the glue from the lash bone because the lashes feels quite flimsy. if you're real careful, i think it should last for quite a bit of usage. will tell you when this one is ready for the bin :)

cass: i shall try one of these day. i always have trouble winging and it would look awful :(

S-Kay said...

I bought the V-Lashes...the volumnising one. Its oooOOoaaahhhhh..LOL

Jessie said...

AH! You make me feel like buying MORE!


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