Saturday, October 6, 2007

Beauty Loves: Origins Light Years Ahead Whitening Face Protector with Whitessence™ SPF 25/PA++

Phew, that's a mouthful. Let me break it down for you.

Light Years Ahead is a series from Origins that targets whitening and brightening. I translate Whitening Face Protector to sunblock that has whitening properties while Whitessence™ is a trademarked word coined by Origins to describe some thingamagic. SPF 25 stands for Sun Protection Factor and the 25 means I can stay in the sun at most 25 multiply by the number of minutes I usually take to burn. PA++ means Public Announcement Plus Plus.

Just joking.

As I understand it, only Asian skincare brands has the PA system which rates the amount of protection you get from UVA rays, which causes skin darkening and spots(freckles I assume?). The highest rating you can get on a sunblock is PA+++. SPF products protect us against UVB rays, which cause skin damages.

For more information read this and this.

I first encountered this sunblock as mentioned here. That time it was either this or Banana Boat's sunblock that does not look face-friendly, so I happily dug into my sister's store. Luckily for me, my burn was not too severe and this sunblock helped me last through the vacation without turning tanned.

Some people might very much hate this baby. First off, you will definitely get a slight whitish cast to your face, which can be covered up with foundation or powder. If you don't mind having some external help to whiten your face, I guess you won't mind this much.

Secondly, since Origins insist on using pure plant extracts and some other what-nots, I find that this product has a very strong 'aromatherapy-ish' scent. Definitely a no-no for those who are sensitive or prejudiced against fragrance in skin care products. I don't mind it much as it reminds me of facials at my beauty salon. Ahhh, bliss.

Thirdly, this little tube is very un-userfriendly. Put it upright and you might get a huge spill when you open the cap. Put it upside down and if you squeeze too much the said spill will still happen. Put it sideways and the chances of spills will go down by 70%. No prizes for guessing how I keep it in my drawer, eh?

Thick and Pinkish

The texture of the cream is moderately thick and pinkish, so you will have to work it onto your face. Protection-wise I've got no complains. It does not irritates my skin, neither does it cause me breakouts or itchiness. It doesn't cause my face to ooze out more oils than usual, so I can hardly complain about it not keeping my face matte.

To summarize, I can live with it, but I won't die without it either.

Price: RM 115
Net Weight: 30 ml
Suitable for: Non-fragrance-sensitive poeple
Dependency: None
Available at: Origins counter

Tip #1
Those who experience problems with DiorSnow Sublissime UV Ultra-Protective Base SPF50 PA+++ could try this one. That's what happen to my sister anyway, who had breakouts after using Dior

Tip #2
Use sunblock everyday, and even every night. Lights that gives off yellow rays seems to cause tans too. How true this is, well, maybe you can try it out and brief me on it *grin*

Tip #3
More storage tips from the SA:
Stand the tube upside down. When you want to use it, hold it right side up and tap gently on its top. Squeeze gently.

Tip #4
Apply sunblock on your neck too!


Tine said...

Hahahaha, I laughed out loud when I read Public Announcement Plus Plus :P

Yeah, Origins products have a very aromatherapy-ish scent in almost all their products. Not a favourite for all, that's for sure.

Cassandra L said...

hmmm i don't understand what u mean by slightly white cast on your face...

Jessie said...

cass: there are 2 kinds of sunblock. one leaves no traces on your face, while the other makes your face looks a bit whiter than usual

this one is the kind that looks like you've spread on a white base coat on (not that extreme-la). it can be covered up by your foundation

tine: what else have u tried in Origins?


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