Friday, October 19, 2007

Beauty Loves: Her New Guess Wallet

This just arrived today, together with a hand bag of the same collection. Mr. PosLaju was kind enough to make his second trip to my place much much earlier than promised to drop the package into my greedy hands. I think he even snatched his hands back a little too quickly, as if in fear of my rabid froth.


I have to admit, this is really a big splurge-of-the-moment because I have no real need for a new wallet. My previous beloved, a still serviceable leather wallet from Bonia may have been a little wearied but it had served its duty well by protecting my money within its soft leathery embrace. By the way, it is now the property of my mother, albeit it went a bit unwillingly.

Guess' bags and totes is walking the metallic line this season(in Malaysia), which gorgeous silver and golds adorning each items. I have to admit I am more than a bit taken by them, but with cash flow dwindling currently, it takes a lot of willpower on my part to resist getting more stuff. But really, show me a woman who does not like to splurge and I'll show you a man, a poor man.

Card-slots wise, there is only enough room for 6 cards so it might not really appeal to those carrying gold, platinum or Lord knows what Diamond cards. T don't really fancy Guess' tendency to put their coin compartment at the back of the wallet. There is really not enough room for more than a ringgit in change. It measures around 7 x 4 inches, so it really is quite big but not much roomier. Love the gold crocodile skin-like interior though.

Since the material is cloth-like, I guess you gotta be careful not to get any juices or sauces on it, else you'll cry till kingdom come. The same wallet also comes in black-and-gold and cream-and-gold, with the same handbag complimenting it.

I got this baby from the Singapore Guess sale and it cost me RM 170 while the hand bag is RM 150. Since I did not know what is the original price for both, if anyones dare to point out that I paid more than I was suppose to, I will strangle you. I really will.

Price: ~RM 170
Size: 7 x 4 inches
Suitable for: Anyone into bright colours
Dependency: None
Available at: Guess stores

Tip #
When you see something you like, I suggest you get it first then justify later. Else you'll be crying over spilled milk when they are gone.

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