Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beauty Loves: Biotherm UV Detox SPF 50 / PA +++

Praise all higher powers, I am up and running with 90% power now. As my makeup today consist of some things that I've already reviewed, today's star will be my newly beloved sunblock.

I couldn't find any info about this sunblock on the Biotherm website, either the official one or the Singapore one, so I guess you'll just have to rely on me. Taken off from the back of the bottle:

UV DETOX detoxifying multi-defense fluid SPF 50 / PA+++ (Ed: oh, is that this product's full name?) offers the skin a triple-action formula: anti UVA/UVB protection, prevention from dark spots and neutralization of the epidermal toxins. A non-greasy, ultra-light texture that melts into your skin from the moment it is applied.

(Hey, who took off my skirt?)

I have used this sunblock for a couple of weeks now and I really, really have no complains about it. In fact, I am so reluctant to finish up this sunblock that I would rather use my makeup base with SPF only, rather than the both of them together. I know, childish ain't I. I also know that when I DO finish it, I won't hesitate to buy another bottle. Provided I don't give in to my urge to try something new, that is.

Texture wise, it is in a milky lotion form that really, literally melts into your skin, leaving no whitish cast. It is a little watery, but it's a plus for me as my previous Origin's sunblock was too thick and was hard to apply (you got to really work it in). It has a slight delightful fragrance that reminds me of Johnson's baby lotion and that I can't stop sniffing as I type this now.

(Watery, buttery goodness)

I kind of like this flat shaped bottle as it doesn't take up much of my limited cupboard space. It is also very easy to squeeze out the appropriate amount without any wastage. And I found out this amazing thing (though I'm sure it's just my imagination); my face feels very soft and buttery after applying this!

Again, no breakouts on my skin + No mysterious redness + No unexplainable bumps + Not getting any darker = More power

Price: RM 130
Net Weight: 30 ml
Suitable for: All skin types
Dependency: None
Available at: Biotherm counters
Would I buy this again: YES

Tip #1
Apply a small amount over the whole face and neck after your day cream and before makeup.

Tip #2
Use cleansing oil or double cleanse if you use sunblock. Somehow the ingredients in sunblock require more cleansing than using only your daily cleanser.

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