Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beauty Loves: Sleep

One has been busy, busy, busy these few days. How does one juggle college-cum-business life, social life, family life, love life, blogging life and sleep life effectively and come out a winner at the end of the long race? Seems impossible unless man is willing to extend a 24-hour day to at least 30 hours.

As they say, one needs at least 8 hours of sleep for one to live a healthy life. But what happens when one is deprived of sleep?

One gets cranky, and one gets pimples. Imagine that, a walking cranky moon crater face. Also one believes that one gets delusional too.

However if you want more information on what can really happen if one does not get enough sleep, read this. One is too tired to summarize it for you.

Normal postings will hopefully resume tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Price: Priceless
Net Weight: 1/3 of one's life
Suitable for: Everyone
Dependency: Bed and pillow
Available at: Anytime
Would I buy this again: If it was up for sale, I would gladly give everything for it

Tip #1
Get a good pillow. Something that is not too high or soft, because you need a good support for your neck. Otherwise like me, you will need to see a master in traditional Chinese healing (跌打 to those in the loop) to realign your bones. I might do a review on this little shop in the future just because I find the master cute.

Tip #2
Afternoon naps are good. But research says that it should only last as long as an hour, at most 2 to be beneficial. I agree too because I get a headache if I nap too long.

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