Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beauty Loves(Hates): Maybelline Expert Eyes Brow and Eye Liner

My sister was the one who bought this, but somehow it slowly made its way into my cosmetic drawer all on its own. I solemnly swear I gave it no incentives nor tempt it with sweets.

As you can see from the body of the pen, its labels and writings have almost faded into nothingness. It was with great effort that I even found out what this product's name was. There are only 2 ways that a cosmetic can lose its writings:

  • It is a beloved object and is lovingly used everyday

  • It is a horrible object and subsequently is thrown and bashed around with no thought to its comfort. It is always jumped over whenever all products are lined up for inspection and selection. It has stayed in the family for a long long time

Alright, I hate to use this liner/brower.

First of all, it is suppose to be Velvet Black. Lo and behold, it turns out to be a member of the brown family. It makes me wonder whether 'Velvet' means 'Brown' in Balderdash. Or maybe Maybelline misprinted this poor little pen.

Secondly, Lord it IS HARD. I would not be exaggerating when I say that I can compare it to a lead carbon in a pencil. When I try to lightly skim it over my lashes, nothing comes out. When I forcefully drag it over my lashes, I got premature wrinkles. I even went as far as to apply heat to soften it, using my body heat, breath, and lastly my trusty hair dryer. Nadah, doesn't work. I think I got a defective product.

Lastly, it doesn't work well as an eye liner because it smudges and fades. It does however work as a brow filler, provided you do not swim or sweat like a.. pig?

The only other thing that works in this little baby is its built-in sharpener. All you need to do is just to twist the plastic body to extend the 'heart', you can literally see your liner being shaved. A LOT.

This liner comes in 4 shades: 01 Velvet Black, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Medium Brown and 04 Light Brown. Stay away if your eyes are sensitive though, you will hurt your eyelids trying to draw it on.

Price: ~ RM 25
Net Weight: -
Suitable for: Beginner and UP
Dependency: None (maybe a hard eyelid)
Available at: Pharmacies and Maybelline counters
Would I buy this again: NO

General Tip for Drawing Eyeliner #1
Pull up your eyelid and draw underneath where the roots of your lashes are. This way you won't get a white empty line when you close your eyes or blink.


Cassandra L said...

i pull my eyelid to the side for lining purposes....

my sister said i will definitely get wrinkles..... saggy eyes...

Cassandra L said...

hey, hope u dont mind, but i've linked u :) continue churning out the reviews we love!

Jessie said...

well.. if we do it gently, i guess it is alright.. right?


and thanks for th link :)


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