Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beauty Loves: Elianto Baked Blusher(Marble)

This was one of the new releases from Elianto from a few months back. The packaging has improved quite a lot as the usual blushers and eyeshadows are mostly housed in cheap plastic that succeeded in looking.. cheap.

Baked in Italian terracotta base, this silky powder blusher can be applied either in dry for sheer make-up, or wet for absolute dramatic long-lasting wear.

I got this description off from the back of the pan, however I must insist that Elianto spell check and brush up on their grammar. I picked this one up mostly because:

  • It is cheap :)

  • It looks gorgeous

  • Substitution for MAC's mineralized skin finishes which were mostly limited editions

  • I needed a highlighter

This particular blusher has quite a lot of shimmers, so if you are looking for a matte finish you better stay away. I can't really describe the colour payoff, as the colour I bought mostly yielded a pale pink shimmer that is perfect as a highlighter (white will look fake; gold will look ostentatious).

Some may complain that the pan size is rather small compared to counter cosmetics. I do not perceive any problem in this because the faster you finish it, the faster you get to buy a new colour. The texture of the powder feels kinda hard, but please, please do not take my word for it and try to knock it around a few times. I am not responsible for any shattered pieces.

To use, just swirl your brush around the pan, shake off the excess and apply. You may also use your fingers. As with everything, layer on gradually instead off plonking on a chunk of colour. I assure you, starting your make up all over again waste time and money.

A pan should last you quite some time, round 6 months or less if you use it everyday(when it comes to blusher, less is more). However it is only an estimation.

Price: RM 18
Net Weight: 4 gram
Suitable for: Beginner and UP
Dependency: None
Available at: Elianto counters (Only available in Malaysia, Philippines and Dubai)
Would I buy this again: YES, and I might even try the other colours

Tip #1
Avoid this at all cost if you hate shimmers, it is very shimmery.

Tip #2
Notice the vein of darker pink across the pan? It yields a golden peach pink while the rest of the surface is a pale icy pink. I've had this blusher for months and now only I realize the colours can be used individually as eyeshadows. *smacks head*


Cassandra L said...

I is like your nosering!!! weee!!!

Jessie said...

hehehe! this is the first time i receive a nose ring compliment!

and do try the gel liner, i'm sure u'll love it too!

prettybeautiful said...

thanks for linking me. :) elianto really has many quite affordable make up

Tine said...

Oh, thanks for linking me! I'll add you to my blogroll too, if you don't mind :)

In fact, I'm so glad you wrote something on Elianto. I'll be writing on that too. I find the makeup cheap and chic, which is great for my pocket :p


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